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Kabarnet Residents Raise Alarm Over Illegal Trade Within The Area

Residents of Kabarnet town, Baringo county, have raised the alarm over the sale of drugs and illicit brews to school children. "Nyumba Kumi " elder of Bondeni estate Hamisi Alfan also raised the concern over rampant illegal licencing of backstreet bars and wine and spirits joints in town.

"We are calling upon the authorities to take Swift action to close down the illigal bars, arrest and charge the culprits." He said. He attributed the littered, unhygienic and filthy state of the town to the rising number of careless and idling jobless drunkards. "We have always taken the initiative, with the help of some youths, to destroy local dens and fight alcoholism within Bondeni Nubia community," he said.

He further said some selfish dealers have gone a head to sell illicit brews, miraa or even rolls of bhang to innocent school going teenagers especially during this short holiday. On Friday, a drank school_going boy was spotted staggering before he leapt onto a motorbike. He said he was taking alcohol to drown himself from certain unspecified stress.

Hamisi further added that the worst of it all is that the alcoholics buy the liquor and instead of taking it to their houses l, they sit down anywhere to drink. On getting drunk, they create unnecessary scenes in town.

A spot_check carried out by the STAR on Saturday, revealed the drunkards, including school children are taking advantage of the stalled Kabarnet Stadium.

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