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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Friday 15, October Within the Listed Areas Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company this evening through their verified twitter account, they have announce a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 15, October from 8 AM to 4 PM within the listed area below so as to conduct the national grid System maintenance.

Electricity is a flow of electrone through a conductor from one point to another in an electrical installation. This flow of electrone need a clear and non resistive material for a smooth flow.

Kenya Power Lightening Company has however for long time urges residents and fellow engineers to use the correct method of electrical installation so as to prevent outbreak of risks associated with electric dangers for instance one can receive electric shock if the system not well installed.

There are several method of installing electricity wiring system that follows all the IEE regulations set aside to govern on how electrical installation should be done and condition to be observed when doing so.

This methods are: Sheathed Wiring System, Ducting Wiring System, Trucking Wiring System, Catenary Wiring System, Conduit Wiring System. This systems are used at various buildings and structure depending upon suitability of either of the system that suits the place.

This systems mentioned above have some rules and regulations to be followed when installing them for instace, Shethed wiring system should be strictly be clipped on the surface of the wall with the help of a clips of the some material.

Engineers have however being cautioned when conducting a electrical installation, this is by ensure he/she follows the correct procedure of conducting installation and this include the choice of clips to be used in binding cables on a wall.

Electricity fire most of the time are caused by poor engineers who designes a certain wiring system by clipping cables with a dissimilar clip material hence causing electrolytic corrosion between the two material hence causing wear and tear that lead to unnecessary conduct in wires that leads to breakage of fire.

Kenya Power Lightening Company have been very strict when it comes to commissioning of electricity installation as one mistake that is not identified can cause a huge loss in future and loss to KPLC Company.

KPLC are however planning to switch off electricity flowing to the listed area below so as to allow Kenya Power personnel to conduct the line maintenance on those areas.

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