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The Cost Of One Bale Of Mitumba Clothes And Place Of Doing Such Business In Kenya For Higher Profit

Mitumba clothes are clothes that have been worn by individuals for sometime after which they are sold to charities. These type of clothes are popularly worn today by many people due to their fevourable price in the market. For instance, the cost of most mitumba clothes ranges from Sh100 to Sh150.

The cost of one bale of these type of clothes however depends on various factors such as the content of the bale and the grading. Although, grading is the most widely used parameter to reach to a particular price of a bale.

For example, based on grading we can have; cream mitumba, grade 1 mitumba and grade 2 mitumba. The factor behind the difference in these grades is the quality of the clothes that makes up the bale.

For instance, cream mitumba bale constitutes of mitumba clothes that have not been worn by anybody. That is, the clothes are still new and have the manufacture's label on them. These are clothes that were bought by an individual but later realized that the cloth does please them before wearing. This makes them then to sell the cloth to the nearby charity. A bale for this mitumba clothes goes at Sh50,000.

Grade 1 mitumba clothes are those that have undergone some small wash though can still be worn. A bale of this grade goes at Sh15,000

Grade 2 mitumba clothes are those that have been worn several times by the owner before selling it to the charity. A bale for this grade goes at Sh9,000.

Mitumba clothes business does well in open air markets, city hall centers or even roadsides.

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