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Opinion: "The Gulf Evil" Why Kenyans Are Suffering in Arab Countries

In the few past months, social pages have been filled with all sorts of sad updates. From kidnapping, couple battering one another to how Kenyans or Africans are suffering in the Gulf countries. Talking of the latter, it is quite melancholic going through the confessions of how our sisters are suffering at the hands of few evil people who are taking advantage of their penurious situation to exploit and make them undergo unexplainable torture and maltreatment. The bigger question is, who is the eviler, the employer or the fellow brother and sister who comes in the name of being an "agent" and offering these innocent people an opportunity to work overseas?

Photo: Family holding a photo of keen murdered at the gulf_The Standard

Personally, I would blame these 'agents'. They are the devil's advocate. They very much know what is going on behind the scenes. Despite unending complaints, they still come, make efforts and convince the young girls and boys to accompany them. I mean, who wouldn't want to work 'abroad'. The state of the country is wanting, no employment for the youths. These young guys will do everything to try and make ends meet. It wouldn't take much convincing. As long as the pay is good, they will be in for it.

Photo: Family members consoling each other

At the gulf, they are left all by themselves, their travel documents confiscated, until they pay the full travel cost. They are made to work more than they had agreed earlier. Most of them have chuntered how they are forced to work, they're raped and made to submit to more than one boss. A number of them have died as a result of their tribulations and what they go through at the hands of their wicked and iniquitous employers. Despite their efforts to try and reach those who facilitated them, they go numb and silent about their claims. The only thing they can do is wait and pray for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Photo: gulf workers recruitment.

Unless the government intervenes and puts in place regulations for the companies recruiting these workers, we will continue losing the young souls and their cries will continue falling on deaf ears.

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