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Laikipia Bandits Surviving On Borrowed Life As Powerful Tactic Is Invented To Bring Them Down

As schools embark on resumption of studies in Laikipia, soldiers have been deployed all over the area to trace and bring down any hiding bandit. Maximum security has been maintained with school children operating under security guard. However, details have revealed that not all the bandits might have left the region since so e might have stayed behind.

According to The Standard, it has been revealed that a number of bandits are still hiding a few kilometers from Tumaini Academy. They are hiding at the Laikipia Nature Concervancy. On noticing this, a new tactic has been set up by the responsible security officers to ensure they catch up with them.

It has been revealed that more security officers have been spread all over around the area to trace any hiding bandit. The deployed security officers have been given better weapons after it came to attention that the bandits are equiped with superior weapons more that those that were initially used to silence them.

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