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Panic For Police Officers Following Matiangi's Announcement

The rate of domestic violence among many lovers especially in the police service has lead to a lot of concerns in the ministry of interior security. This is why the ministry of interior security and coordination through the cabinet secretary Matiangi introduced tough measures.

It is now a blow to police officers who fall in love and decide to get married .Matiangi has announced tough measures including abolishing and prohibiting marriage between constables in police service with other officers.

This will for sure lead to a lot of discussion and debate among many Kenyans as many may question the freedom of choosing a life partner. In my opinion not all marriages among police officers have issues and no need to prohibit relationships.

It is now await and see how things will evolve. What is your opinion on this step by CS Matiangi? Share your opinions and please drop a comment

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CS Matiangi


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