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Opinion: Reasons Why Luhya Community Is Happy About Hustler Narrative

The Luhyas love for umaskini usually astounds me. Majority of young men are content with being watchmen, living in slums, and just surviving because as they say, that is what God decreed them to be! Of course Luhya women can' t be left behind, once married, they will sit back and expect the husband to provide!

The hustler narrative really excites Luhyas so much, because when they imagine that billionaire politicians like Ruto are hustlers like them, they go into a frenzy cheering his nonsense slogans.

Ruto traversed Bungoma shouting to the residents that kazi ni kazi, and they returned the cheers in equal measure, shouting back eti kazi ni kazi.

A stale politician, with nothing to offer, no suggestions, no economic blueprints will blind his followers with empty slogans like kazi ni kazi whereas his own children are diplomats, lawyers and engineers!

Unemployment rate among the citizens of Western Kenya is so high. We have many jobless graduates from universities and colleges all mixed up with form four and standard eight dropouts. A good political leader should come campaigning with pamphlets and posters outlining how he is going to revive the collapsed industries, he should tell us how he is going to create jobs by building factories, introducing mechanised farming, looking for profitable markets for our farm produce etc.

Telling us that " kazi ni kazi" is an insult to our intellect and he must be condemned and dismissed with all the contempt that he deserves.

Pushing wheelbarrows will not create wealth, neither will it educate your kids!

Luhyas are a heterogeneous group with several subtribes. They have different mannerisms.

The same Luhyas who produce and chose progressive leaders like Oparanya, Marende also chose useless leaders like former Bgm governor who wasted people' s time and resources, ignoramus like Achesa.

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