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Tips From Cops that can Save you Today

Keep your kids safe from a crowd

Kids do get lost in a big crowd and it might be very difficult to find them. If you take your child to a big even, play ground or even other busy places, take some extra measures to protect them from bad people by writing you phone number on their wrist and may be cover it with a liquid band. 

Night beams

When driving at night, you can be temporarily blinded by other car’s high beams and this might lead to a disaster. It is advisable that when you notice a car with high beams, just close one eye until it passes then blink your eyes at the same time until the eye that was exposed recovers.

Driving fancy cars can be attractive

It’s not that cops have something against those good looking fancy cars like Bugatti and Lamborghini. However it is quite obvious that such cars attracts too much attention and they are believed to be among the fastest in the world. A cop may be curious to know how it looks inside and who is driving. So if you over speed in such a car then you will attract the attention of the cops very fast

You can avoid ticket

Being given a ticket for over speeding can really cost you and you can also spend time bringing a case to the court. Sometimes you do not have to be rude to the cops, be polite answer the questions you are asked the way it is supposed to be and cooperate. Cops hare humans too, they might give you a warning instead of a ticket

What can be found in a police car’s trunk?

You might wonder what police may curry in the trunk; first of all you might find a short gun. There are also other things like evidence, dog food in case he comes into contact with a dog, and also a traffic jacket

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