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" Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child, " Mistake Masten Wanjala's Father Made That Ruined His Son's Life

Masten Wanjala's father has given a testimony of how Wanjala lived from childhood. Anthony revealed that Masten started developing this habit while in class four when he lost passion for school. He went for many days without going to school. This was the only time his parents could have saved his future but they ignored.

His father said that he could avoid school for even a month. This tells it all that his parents watched him to do anything that he wanted. It was their responsibility to spare no chance for him by allowing his to stay out. It is so sad that during all this time, Wanjala was building his career that finished him.

Masten Wanjala's family appears to have spared him releasing him to the world at a very young age when he dropped out of school. His parents could watch him stop schooling without even trying to use the authority to make him go back to school. His parents spared the rod spooling him.

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Anthony Masten Wanjala


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