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R.i.p: Reactions After A Photo Of A Lady Who Committed Suicide Circulated Online

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Death issues has been a major challenge in the country.

Many deaths are as a result of depression, political problems,kidnapping, outbreak of diseases and more other factors.

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Today in a post shared by karangu muraya in a group called Kenyans in Saudi Arabia,he posted about a young lady who has committed suicide.

The deceased was known by the name Bilha.

The lady died on Friday last week where he committed suicide by hanging herself.

The family of the late has urged the members to contribute so that postmortem can be performed on her body and given the body for burial.

Government has been urged to put measures protecting everyone in the country.

Youths also have been urged to share their problems rather than taking their lives.

Netizens have reacted differently and they had this to say,

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We send our sincere condolences to the family of the late.

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