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Painful: Baby Sagini Breaks His Silence In Court, Reveals The Person Who Removed His Eyes

The 3-year-old boy from Kisii whose eyes were removed and completely gauged out has broken his silence and revealed of what exactly happened. The young boy has affirmed that her grandmother Rael Nyakerario is squarely responsible for his blindness.

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The young boy refused to speak further on her grandmother because of hunger and pain. He affirmed that he wants to see like before and not to be in the state which he is into today.

Baby Sagini has remained clear that what happened to him was extremely painful and it's something that he didn't want to dwell on. The young boy told the court today to help him regain his sight because he doesn't want to see darkness forever.

As this revelations was being made, Rael Nyakerario remained in court smiling and unbowed. This is a very painful issue especially given doctors made a determination that the young boy sight might never be regained forever till death because such has not happened anywhere in the world.

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