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Road Accident

"Mooooove Over" Cattle Herd Causes Traffic Delays in Nairobi.

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The various routes in Nairobi city present a variety of difficulties for drivers. The cow plague in Nairobi city is one of the biggest issues preventing smooth traffic flow for automobiles along the Outering Road.

A herd of cattle is reportedly causing the Outering Road to be difficult for drivers to use on a daily basis. Nairobi's Central Business District is connected to the outlying areas via the Outering road, a dual highway.

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According to reports, a herd of cattle was seen relaxing in the middle of Outering Road. Unknown is who owns the cows. The cows are making it very difficult for motorists and cyclists to use the route. The Outering Road is congested because of the cows.

Finding the owners of the roaming herd of cattle in Nairobi and having them be educated on the advantages of not keeping cattle in the city is one technique to help ensure smooth traffic flow and reduce the instances of accidents along Outering Road. By restraint, cattle owners might contribute to the situation as well.

Comment on what the government should in order to reduce traffic in the city.


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