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Road Accident

"After A Grisly Road Accident My Husband Became Critically Ill. He Barely Recognizes Me; Christabel

A lady reffered to as Christabel Osinde from United Kingdom flew to Kenya and on her visit to her parents she painfully narrates to Tuko how a grissly road accident changed her husband's life completely. He became paralyzed, and after years in intensive care unit, He barely recognizes her and he needs special care from doctors and nurses every day.

Christabel who was born and raised in Kakamega said that she met her husband when they were both in the university. They dated for a while and got married after university.

She said that they were blessed with two sons and both of them had well paying jobs. Her husband decided to relocate to the United Kingdom for further studies and left them on Kenya. On in his graduation Christabel attended itt in the (UK) and liked the place.

She came back and applied for a Visa and after an year they joined him in (UK) with the children. She enrolled them in school and she also joined a university there. Life was going on well until one fateful weekend.

She claimed that her Husband travelled to the United States for a conference meeting on a friday and he called to inform them that he had arrived. However on Saturday afternoon Christabel received a phonecall from a hospital that informed her that her husband been involved in an accident and he was in a bad shape.

She claimed that after insisting on his condition she was informed that he wouldn't make it and he had twenty four hours to live. She was in shock and she called her friends who came to her house immediately. She informed them what had happened and they quickly arranged for her travel.

The following morning she took a flight to California with her friends and on seeing her husband, she was in shock . His condition was bad and he was in the intensive care unit. Doctors told her that he had improved tremendously, However his bones and spin cord were badly broken.

Christabel hoped that he would wake up but after months of treatment his health never improved. He couldn't talk walk or even make movements. They transferred him to the (UK) where he stayed for an year but due to the high cost of medical bill they took him to a special hospital where he receives special care.

"The doctors said that he needed special care and I had to take him to another hospital meant for his condition." Christabel said.

Christabel said that her husband only moves his eyes and at times his hands and the only way he recognizes her is when she wears his favourite perfume. It has been difficult for her and her family who have been very supportive. She said that she spends time with people in palatial care and also takes care of them as a way of dealing with the stress she encounter everyday in her personal life.

She claimed that her sons love their father a lot. According to her he requires a team of nurses everyday take care of him and a doctor to check on him and it's very expensive. However she believes that one day he will wake up and they will live happily ever after.

She has adviced people to stand by their spouses and family during the difficult times, because they never know what the future holds for them.

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