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Road Accident

Vehicle Ferrying Bhang Involved In Tragic Road Accident At Sachangwan, Nakuru County

In Kenya, road accidents have day by day continued to be reported in different parts of our roads. All sorts of people i.e. being rich, poor, young, old or even powerful are not by road whenever an accident occurs. From the way accidents are happening on our roads, it is a clear indication that Kenyan's never learn from the previous accidents.

This morning, a nasty road accident involving a personal car that was ferrying bhang has been witnessed at Sachangwan in Nakuru County. The car overtuned along the road and rolled severally before it came to an abrupt stop just next to the road. The car was reduced into wrecked as many rolls of bhang packed in sacks got traced from the vehicle.

In Kenya, selling or being found in possession of a bhang can land one to more than 20 year's in jail. Manhunt for those engaging in these businesses is still underway as Kenyan's gets encouraged to avoid it.

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