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Why drug abuse is rampant amongst youths

Why drug abuse is rampant amongst youths

Drug abuse amongst youth is yet to become a disaster, in every village the chances of finding a school dropout is 75%. Most drop off school mainly because of drugs and substance abuse. The question is why are drugs an issue in the country?

Parents are leading with bad examples and they have failed to lead their children in the right part. Nowadays parents drink and abuse drugs in front of their kids and the process kids develop a tendency of emulating what their parents are doing.

Local administration and leaders have relaxed towards the war on drugs and in the process providing space for drug and substance abuse in society.

Corruption on local leaders and law enforcers have killed the war on drugs as most of the leaders have prioritized money that is from illegal business. With the surge in corruption, there has been a high sale of marijuana and the brew of illicit alcohol.

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