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The Meaning Of Continuous Yellow Line Found At The Centre Of Roads

The Meaning Of Continuous Yellow Line Found At The Centre Of Road's.

Sunday, 10th October 2021, Nairobi Kenya.

The continuous yellow line is found on single carriage roads and this is a very much important road marking that must always be followed by all road user's.

According to several roads user's and even driving school, they do refer to this continuous yellow line as the line that separates the living and the dead since if you cross the line, you can easily cause an accident and this can lead to loss of lives so motorists are always advices to take caution and respect the rules of the line for their own benefit.

Therefore, the continuous yellow line is she important line and it means that you should not overtake at the line or over taking is forbidden on the line.

Motorists are also forbidden from crossing over to the other side of the road through the continuous yellow line as it acts as a barrier.

Atimes, the line is always marked with white on some roads and still has the same meaning.

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