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Why Starting Low Is Necessary To Achieve Greater Things

Rome wasn't built in a day, it took the master craft men, planners, leaders, people, and soldiers thousands of years to build today's Rome.

Plant a cashew tree today and tomorrow you harvest tonnes of cashew nuts. There are possibilities in every opportunity, no matter how small the opportunity looks.

When this understanding is grasped, we would be patient in our efforts and growth. The way up legitimately is steady.

It's a common tendency not to accept anything which is below the aspirations. Rather one should accept the opportunities which are commensurate with one's aspirations and the process must be from bottom to top.

Starting low is necessary because it makes the achievement sustainable as one will always appreciate the stages gone through to reach thus far in the future.

Blessed is the man that humbled himself to start from scratch without being ashamed. Let's not look down on our days of little begging because there lies the opportunity that we need to make it bigger.

Some of the biggest mega stores started as kiosks only to grow and expand beyond the proprietor's wildest dreams and imaginations.

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