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Man Confessed He Was Paid 30,000 For Each Woman He Killed By Church

A man who has admitted to killing and assaulting three women has faulted a church for his deeds for a situation that has stunned occupants and experts in Kiambu

Mr. Paul Magara Morara, 29, who is kept at Ruiru Police Station, Kiambu, has taken ownership of killing for cash. He said that he was hired by a church that has been paying him Sh30,000 for each murder. 

"I joined the church last year by a companion, where each killing pulled in a moment pay of Sh30,000. I was told women were the simplest to kill,'' Mr. Morara told criminal investigators.

To demonstrate that he had killed, he conveyed the blood-drenched clothing of the people in question. 

Wearing a white hood, Morara didn't look sad that he had killed. His first task, he said, happened over a year ago, at Kihunguro on the Ruiru outskirts, when he deceived a young lady, booked her into a room, killed her, and slashed off her breasts. 

"I was paid for the work and this enlivened me to seek after my next target,'' he said. Police have not revealed the name of the church so as not to jeopardize investigations. 

"After the primary killing, I got the desire to kill more. I became cruel, where I invested the greater part of the energy arranging how to kill,'' Mr. Morara confessed to the police.

On September 7, Morara with his pack broke into a house at Magorofani expecting to wipe out two sisters 18 and 19. 

They wounded their casualties and left them for dead. One of the casualties is as of now is admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital Intensive Care Unit. 

Persistent, on Wednesday this week, Mr. Morara set outset for the kill once more. He crawled into a couple's home in Ruiru when they were sleeping, wounded the woman in the neck, and escaped. 

The spouse was safe and took the wife to a close-by medical clinic where she is recovering.

 In the Wednesday assault, Mr. Morara and his five associates made a bumble. They took the casualty's cell phone, which they later sold. 

Police would later track them utilizing the handset after they discarded the casualty's Sim card. Mr. Ombati yesterday let the Nation know that Mr. Morara was not sorry and seemed as though he is not moved by his actions. 

"Out of the three individuals he has admitted that he killed, two were his neighbors. 

We captured him in the organization of three others who have direct connections to the killings,'' Mr. Ombati said. 

"At the point when the primary occurrence was accounted for and ensuing killings that were comparative, we set off to explore and profile the suspect. We are happy that we have made a leap forward,'' said Mr. Ombati 

"The proof we have assembled so far has ensnared Mr. Morara and his assistants to the homicides,'' he added. 

Mr. Morara isolated from his first family years back and has been living with, a woman who police believe is his wife. 

A Ruiru court permitted police to confine Morara for 14 days so they can finish up investigations.


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