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The Pain of Living in Slums of Kenya

At times, thugs and robbers often choose slums as their hide-outs. This creates danger to the locals and residents since they may be victims of their activities at any time.

Many robberies have been linked to gangs whose residence have mostly been established in Kenya. Houses may be broken into at any time since security officers tend to ignore these places in their daily operations.

The most disturbing is the general hygiene of these places which surprisingly contain several children. At times sewer pipes burst or even the drainage gets exposed just along the houses. Dirty water flows freely in these places and often one finds young children playing around these places with ease.

The most painful occurrence that one may never want to be a victim of is the 'flying toilets'. This happens when someone uses a polythene paper as a toilet and in turn throws it towards any direction. In most instances, they hit people's heads, even those who dressed well to embrace the day.

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