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Police Is Hunting A Form 3 Girl Who Clobbered 2 Police, And Badly Injured Them.

Kenyans are still wondering on how on Earth a 19-year girl, who is also a form three student was able to clobber two police men and even injured them badly. According to the report from the Ugunja police post, the lady visited his lover who is Known as Constable Dennis Mugo a night before Christmas day. But suprisingly, the two Lover birds engaged in a brawl. But the lady later took a broken class and used it to attacked her victim so badly.

This led to Dennis Mugo to scream for help, after he was overwhelmed with a lot injuries which were gushing a lot of blood. Another Police called Kipchumba who was nearby rushed at the dramatic scene trying to save his friend, only the lady to bounce unto him and assaulted him too. Kipchumba ran to the station and reported the matter.

Later, the OCS rushed them to hospital for immediate medication at Inuka dispensary center. But Dennis Mugo was referred to Sagam hospital due to serious injuries in his body.

Notably, the lady vanished into thin air after doing that heinious act. Police are still looking for her so as to face the force of law for harming police officers with crude weapons.

But nonetheless, the public has questioned the morality of the attacked police, Dennis Mugo. They wondered why the police had an affair with a student yet it is against the law.

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