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After Police Officers Raided a Secret Club, This Happened

It is funny and that many Kenyans are not taking in the rules and regulations given by the national government. We have seen and witnessed many people in different areas violating the covid-19 rules that ware set aside by the national government to curb these dangerous pandemic.

Despite that toll rise in death cases around the globe many Kenyans are still in a nightmare not believing that this deadly disease is within us. For instance in India and Brazil many people are burying thousands of their family members and friends. It is so heartbreaking to lose a family member or a friend to pandemic that one never imagined of.

Lately the government of Kenya just impossed a lockdown in some major cities and implemented and the curfew In those cities and various places in the country. The government strictly stated that all these rules were to be followed to the letter but it seems many have differed from them.

From our sources it is clearly happened to us that the police are they decided to write a drinking den where they got reports that some hustlers are they locked themselves somewhere having drinks despite the banning of public gathering by the government. Upon these suspects noticing the police had arrived in their hiding place, they decided to run courtesy

They made struggles to run away since their hideout was on a storey building not fully vanished. Some people are reported to have injured themselves during the jumping scenes.

Some people were arrested and they are held in police custody waiting to be arraigned in court to answer to the charges put against them.

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