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Fresh Details Emerge On What Happened To The Slain Migingo Deputy Principal That Led To Her Death

When his mother's calls went unanswered for more than 20 hours, a 27-year-old man is accused of killing her and staying with the body in the house.

Before the deceased's oldest son knocked on the door, not even Roselyn Nyawanda's neighbors at Migingo Girls High School, where she served as deputy principal, noticed that something wasn't right inside her home.

Roselyn resided in the faculty area of the building. She is believed to have been murdered on August 20. Jeff Onyango, her son, is being investigated for the horrifying slaying and is reportedly a drug addict with mental instability.

The following night, when her other son, Stephen, went to check on her after she didn't return calls, he found her burned body in the bathroom.

Although Roselyn's death in Migingo village, Kisumu County, is still under investigation, police are treating Jeff as the main suspect. However, it is evident that the victim was stabbed to death before being set on fire. Near the crime scene, a kitchen knife, a paraffin mug and a lantern lamp were discovered. A smudge of soot had blackened the bathroom's walls.

Around 8 o'clock in the evening, Stephen arrived at the house and repeatedly knocked on the door but no one answered. He waited outside and before Jeff opened the door, he heard movement inside.

Stephen entered the house and discovered his mother's body inside completely burned. He informed the police who then detained Jeff after calling the neighbors who moved Roselyn's body to the Star Annex Morgue.

The tragedy left coworkers who reside in the same compound in shock. A coworker who lives next door to Roselyn claimed he has never overheard noises coming from the residence. It's thought that the murderer used the intense rain to his advantage to carry out the crime.

Alphonse Kimanthi, the commander of the Kisumu County police, described the incident as unfortunate and said they were holding him while they looked into it.

"The suspect is in our custody. The situation is still being looked into," he said.

Teachers, students, family members and locals are all left perplexed by the incident wondering what could have compelled Jeff to stab his mother multiple times before dousing her body in paraffin and setting it ablaze. They are devastated by the passing of the career educator who devoted her life to educating and inspiring others.

Roselyn's family appeared endearing from the outside. Friends who interacted with her son Jeff on a regular basis had no idea he was capable of harm.

Roselyn was in the prime of her career and eager to retire, but her life was cut short before she could become a senior principal.

Her coworkers praised her for being a dedicated and compassionate teacher but what had been just another typical day at work quickly turned tragic after she left for home.

Even as they continue questioning the suspect, who they assert has remained silent since the incident, detectives are still baffled by the circumstances surrounding the death. The Nairobian was told by several people who knew the suspect that although his drug addiction made him a pain in his mother's side, he was never violent.

However, the mother did not discuss her issues with her son with anyone outside of a select group of her coworkers at the institution.

A teacher at the school claims that Roselyn confided just before they learned of her death that her son was taking medication for mental health issues.

"She was residing on the school grounds with the son. Although nothing seemed wrong, she frequently claimed that her son was battling addiction, which had a negative impact on his mental health," the teacher said.

The Nairobian was unable to independently confirm whether Jeff was receiving treatment for a mental health condition or was a drug addict.

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