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Road Accident

Facebook Reactions After BodaBoda Rider was Spotted Doing This. (Link Included).

(This information if from Sikika a reliable and veryfied Facebook page).

Indeed some of the motorbike riders like risking their lives and some of the mistakes they do have led to many getting involved in fatal accidents that have claimed their lives or even led to some getting lifetime injuries.

A viral photo of a BodaBoda rider overloading his motorbike by having 3 passengers and also 2 calves on board.

Here is the link to the full Information on Facebook.

Here is the screenshot of the full Information on Facebook.

This is very risky and it is also against the traffic rules actually according to traffic rules a BodaBoda Rider is supposed to carry one passenger at a time for safety reasons.

Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from the Facebook Netizens.

I think this riders should be civilised, it seems like most of them haven't attended the driving school that is why they are doing some mistakes that can even lead to death.

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