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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Saturday 16, October Within the Listed Area Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company this good evening through their verified twitter account have announce places that will face a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 16, October from 8 AM to 4:30 PM so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out the system maintenance within the listed area below.

Electricity being distributed by Kenya Power is a key factor in running the Country economy forward as it acts as a prime mover in running the machine in industry that highly contribute to the Countries growth domestic product.

Electricity safety, as discussed in the previous article is a key factor when one is installing electricity circuit system. This minor ignorance they are the one that causes huge loses of properties and death of loved one throgh electricity fire.

Electricity installation comprises of several electric circuit that work together to perform the intended purpose in certain structure or ruther building. These circuit are: Lightning Circuit, Socket Outlet, Cooker Circuit, Bell and Alarm Circuit, Motor Circuit and Water Heater Circuit.

The above mentioned circuit are basically protected by fuses so as to minimize the risk of electricity fire that arises as a result of leakage of current from the cable due to some prevailing factors like poor sheathing of cable or poor mechanical exposure.

To understand how these circuits give protection to the electrical installation, lets first try to understand each circuit with its related fuse and fusing factor.

1) Lightning Circuit is the commonly known type of electricity circuit which is normally installed where electricity happens to be connected. This type of circuit involve controlling of light and other related lighting devices.

These type of electric circuit is given a protection by a 5A fuse since the risk associated with lighting circuit is minimal and does not consume alot of power from consumer unit.

2) Socket Outlet Circuit is a type of circuit that is purposely installed to feed the plugged appliances for instance Phone Charger, Television, Radio, to mention a few. This type of circuit in any electrical installation can be done in two methods, these methods are: Ring Main Socket Outlet and Radial Socket Outlet.

The risk associated with this type of circuit is quite high and as a result, any appliances plugged in any socket must be protected by a 13A fuse plug so as to ensure maximum protection is given to the appliances plugged in that particular socket.

Cooker Circuit is a major electricity circuit in a any building that involves cooker as an appliances. This type of circuit at some point is a major causea of any electricity fire as at any point it experience electricity leakage to the earth.

Cooker circuit is at all time protected by a fuse rated at 30A and a superable earthing system for maximum protection.

Electricity fault that cannot be prevented and controlled easily alerts Kenya Power Lightening Company to come to the rescue by switching off power from that particular area.

Kenya Power Lightening Company today have announce places that will face a very long electricity blackout tomorrow so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out the national grid maintenance with the aim of making sure the grid is efficient and meets customers need are well catered.

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