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Natasha hand of compassion.

(Photo: screen grab)

City preacher Lucy's team were seen donating food stuffs to the street families at Uhuru Park, in Nairobi city.

According to Ashely, one of Lucy's hand of compassion aid, the initiative is one of their ministry's missions to cushion the street families from the COVID-19 difficulties.

However this did not go down well with Kenyans, reacting to the Facebook posts, the public commented bitterly pointing fingers and claiming that it was just PR.

Most kenyans were asking if street families cook, basing in mind that most of the food stuffs the team was caring was raw and large quantities.

Lucy Natasha is one of the most followed Kenyan City female preachers serving the poor through her initiative of Natasha hand of compassion. Recently Lucy was accused of serving the other kingdom besides God, this was after she took a photo taking covid -19 vaccine and her Tattoos were exposed to the public.

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