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"This Is What I Did To Change My Life" A Poor Man From Tanzania Reveals

In the city of Arusha, Tanzania, a poor man who used to sleep in a thatched house can count himself lucky today because God has blessed him. And today he can say that God's hour is the best.

The man by the name of Mzee Jumanne Kingu, who lives in Mkonoo in Arusha, Tanzania, got married to a wife who later left him because of his poverty.

According to Kungu, life struck him so hard that he couldn't even afford basic needs like clothes and other things, and this made his wife run for the nearest hills. To find a new pasture as life rolled down, Mr. Kungu used to wear tattered clothes and put some tattered pieces on the bed as a mattress. He didn't even have a blanket, but he never gave up on life.

Now this is how his life changed drastically and he became a millionaire. Mzee Kungu moved into a wooden house and would work for people.

Later, he managed to buy a cow, and fortunately enough, he bought another goat. But when he met his old friend Mzee Sanari, he advised him to buy a cow but not to spend all his money on the few domestic animals he had. Kungu later sold the animals and bought the land, which he eventually sold to other buyers. And that's how his life changed.

"I never used brokers to sell my animals because brokers have the habit of buying and reselling again, so they can lie to you in terms of the price of the cows for them to make profit," Mzee Kungu added.

Mzee Kungu also owns a posho mill, and he is saying the villagers are now jealous of him since they are calling him a freemason man, but when he was dirty, they used to call him a witchcraft man. Mzee is now building a three-story structure worth Ksh 16 million. Because of the trauma of his wife's leaving him, he wants to marry again.

"I pray that God gives me a good wife even though I am ready to marry today," he said.

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