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Zora: Kwame Goes Mad After Receiving a Phone Call

The episode begins when the family is at the table taking their meals. Yola is talking to Kwame about the ratio of Nana's will compared to his. She tells him that it wasn't fair for Nana to be given only fifteen percent of the property while Kwame has fifty-one percent.

The two are arguing as they serve food and soon, the family members was all gathered at the table to eat. Suddenly, Kwame's phone rang, and a strangely familiar voice is heard calling him her love. Immediately, he began acting weird and like a mad man, running all over the house sweating and panting.

However, the family members could not understand what was ailing Kwame. Furthermore, they couldn't ascertain the identity of a woman who called him. It was the voice of Alma calling on his cell phone and he couldn't believe his ears. He ran out of the compound in a bid to seek refuge but he found Alma ghost staring at him outside of the gate crying.

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