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Motorists Allowed to Replace Petrol with LPG Gas

Motorists can finally sigh with relief after being allowed by an insurance company to replace petrol with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

This move comes after onsite visits to the energy companies and different meetings were held to discuss and conduct thorough inspections to ensure that there is no increased risk for covers for LPG-powered vehicles.

The insurance company based in Nairobi had issued a warning dated Monday, August 23, threatening to terminate contracts issued to motorists who use LPG to fuel their vehicles.

The insurance company had accused the motorists of modifying the vehicles without consulting their insurers and manufacturers.

In a statement, they stated that the decision exposed the vehicles to third party liabilities if an accident occurred and decided not to onboard or renew cover for any vehicle with such modification done without the manufacturer's approval.

This move is likely to enhance the transport sector by providing a reliable means for motorists to fuel their vehicles because it's cheaper.

A requirement for the insurers to provide coverage to motorists intending to use LPG as stated would be that one ensures that their vehicles have such a system. However, the coverage will not include poor installations.

A circular signed by AKI Chief Executive Officer Tom Gichuhi stated they wanted to inform shareholders that motor vehicles equipped with LPG can be insured without fear of high risk.

The document further stated that the LPG system does not increase the risk of damage to a vehicle in the event of an accident.

The evaluator also recommended including warranties and exclusions in relation to the insured to inform the insurer and the insured to keep services records.

A team at Proto Energy presented a report detailing some of the safety measures the cars are equipped with to enhance safety.

“Damage repairs require people who are well trained in installing the system”, an excerpt of the report read.

“The gas is filled through a filling valve equipped with an automatic filling limiter. A switch in the dashboard allows you to select the required option at will.There is a seamless transition while on the move," the report reads.

"Pressure relief valves which ensure that the safety of the tanks and internal pressure is secured within safe tolerance limits, another technical assessment was done by another appraiser on behalf of an associated company. The conclusion was the same as for the integrated motor evaluators,“ reads a section of the results.

Other studies correspond with the results of the visit confirming the safety of the levels of vehicles enhanced with an LPG system.

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