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Police Officer Caught on Camera Eating Using a Spade Causes Debate Online

There is a photo of a police officer who was caught on camera while eating using a spade. The viral photo was shared by Billy Miya who is a presenter at Radio Maisha. Many people rushed online in order to comment on that photo.

Many people said that soldiers are always trained to survive and that is what they can do best, that is why they can eat on anything so long as it can hold food. Others also said that there is no problem with eating using a spade so long as food can enter through the mouth and get digested.

Other Kenyans also made fun of the spade and asked where the wheelbarrow that should be used with the spade was. This comment was just made in relation to the Kenyan politics whereby the Hustler Nation is using it as its logo.

A section of Kenyans also said that, what was seen is the true definition of a true soldier who can survive in any part of the world. Some Kenyans also asked how safe the spade was, because it is always used to scoop sand and cement.

Many Kenyans also said that the police officer could have used the money that he used to buy the spade, to buy some cooking equipment and plates that he can use to feed on.

Some also said that the soldiers can also use anything as either a plate or a mug, so long as they can eat and go back to work.

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