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"That's Deadly" See What This Builder Has Done That Has Attracted Attention Of Netizens.

It's customary that electric poles be situated at least 3m away from homesteads and residential areas. A builder has taken the internet by surprise after photos of a house under construction was shared in the group, Building My Own.

In the photo shared,the builder has thrown all caution to the wind and build his house directly in the middle of an electric post.

The new blocks indicates that the electric post was erected before the house was built and erases the possible speculation that the electric pole might have been erected after the house was built.

The one question one might ask how the roofing will be done with the pole inside the house. Netizens reacted differently to this photo with many people questioning the audacity the builder might have had.

This is a very Dangerous move. The great danger the occupants might be facing with a live with on their head cannot be ignored. The only thing that can be done is simply to destroy the house for safety reasons.

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Building My Own Deadly


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