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"It's Not Enough To Gun Down Criminals" Wahome Thuku's Message To The Inspector General Of Police

It's not enough to gun down criminals when you encounter them doing their thing in the streets. That will not contain them. That is reactive not proactive strategy. What if you don't encounter them?

Let me give you an example of what will contain them. Last week as I was seated in court, a gentleman in his 30s, was convicted of two counts of robbery with violence. 

His case dates back to 2015 when he and two other guys raided Sunset Hotel in Umoja, Nairobi and shot dead another fellow called Kaka. Happened that they had been looking for this Kaka, whom the traced in the hotel where he had booked a room with his girlfriend.

As they forced their way into the room around 3am, this guy told Kaka, "Kaka Leo nimekupata. Si wewe ndie uliniuza". They then shot him three times, robbed the girlfriend and the watchman and disappeared on a bike. 

The guy was then arrested in Namanga where he was attending another case and brought to Buruburu Police station and charged with three counts of robbing Kaka the girlfriend and the watchie. 

He was acquitted the charge of robbing Kaka because, even if they killed him, there was no evidence of having taken anything from him. It was an execution and the right charge would have been murder.

Kaka's girlfriend told the court that both Kaka and the accused were friends and she knew him. It would appear both were criminals who had a deal that went wrong.

So what is my point? If this guy had been squeezed a little more, he too would have given more names. And if a thug is able to trace fellow this and take him our, why would police not do the same. The thug did not meet Kaka on the way, he used intelligence to track him down.

The idea here should be to completely keep things on the run. To always know that at any time, they will be found even in hotel rooms by cops and sent to their maker. 

Thugs like Wanugu and Wacucu and Matheri were not shot when stealing. No. They were traced in their homes when resting with their wives and children. That is the strategy that is missing". Lawyer Wahome Thuku wrote.

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