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"Siku Za Mwizi Ni Arubaini"- Kenyans Should Be Aware Of These Cheeky 'Robbery Without Violence' Tricks

Technology has changed with time and so some people have taken advantage of it to to use their brain in stealing from people unaware.

These tricks have been discovered in action and everyone in these fields should be aware of the trick since the con men are upgrading their game each and every day.

Below are some of the tricks you should look out for.

1. Construction Truck.

If you are doing some construction and these are the type of lorry bringing in the sand or the barast, you should examine them carefully as some trucks have been modified to carry less building materials and you may end up to pay double for one truck.

2. Highway Thieves

Highway thieves have taken this to another level especially in lonely highways. If you are transporting good in such a lorry you should consider installing a CCTV that will give you vision of what is happening behind your car.

3. Electronic Cables

Some electronic shops have decided to sell nothing by coating a few meters of a cable in an empty shell and at the end they sell you quarter of what you should actually get.

If you are buying these cables in bulk consider weighing them or even unwrapping the package to confirm you got what you deserve.

4. Car Hijacking

The trick they are using is simple, on the parking garage the thieves get their target vehicle and since they can't break in they place an empty water bottle on the rear wheel. the trick will come when you come back to your car and hear something funny and when you come out of your vehicle then boom everything goes down and your car gets hijacked.

Content created and supplied by: @SmartReporter (via Opera News )

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