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Man Imprisoned For One Year For Touching Another Man Without His Consent

A Nairobi man has been charged in court for touching another man's behind without his consent. He was also supposed to pay an amount of Ksh 50,000 if he wanted to be released given the unfortunate turn of events.

Christopher Kinyanjui touched another man's behind without his consent with the case getting to court as well turning ugly. It's clear after the incident the matter shocked many people who didn't know what to do given the unfortunate turn of events.

However as fate would have it, he was charged in court for the indecent act. Christopher Kinyanjui is said to have touched another man's behind in an attempt to sleep with him without his consent something that angered him badly.

Christopher Kinyanjui was however unable to pay the release money and was instead put into custody awaiting time he will be able to pay the money. It sets an example though that it's not good to try to push someone into indecent acts without consent.

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Christopher Kinyanjui Nairobi


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