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Husband and wife relationship

I Lost My Sight After Taking A Cup Of Tea Which My Husband Refused To Drink:Woman Narrates Her Story

Love is said to be blind and at times it is for ill_thinking about someone you love is one of the hardest things in life.

We meet Lydia,a mother of 2 who resides in Kayole as she shares her story with Hungura Media."I and my husband met in Nairobi and after courting for sometime, we decided to settle down and build a home,"Lydia says.

After working from scratch and acquiring wealth,the husband began to change.Whenever Lydia required an explanation he started beating her up and even sleeping outsidece Lydia loved him,she persevered all that and even birthed him 2 kids.

At some point the mistreatment became too much and she decided to cut all ties with him.She looked for a job to be able to cater for the needs of her kids.After sometime,her husband found where they lived and like a parasite,he refused to stay away from them and that's how they started living together.

On a certain morning she took her youngest child to school leaving her husband to have breakfast which she had prepared.On returning,he refused to take the tea claiming he was in a hurry.Lydia took the tea and immediately her sight turned blur.On informing the husband since he had gone to work,he came home after 3 days.Lydia later realized her husband was using some powers on her in order to control her life.

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