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"Kuna Shida Gani Kunywa Changaa" Raila Attacks Police In Vihiga For Harrassing Alcohol Drunkereds

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga speaking during a meeting at Luanda in Vihiga County. Photo courtesy).

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga, has launched attacks to police officers for harrassing the local elicit brew popularly known as changaa drunkereds and the people who are cooking and selling it, saying that there's no problem with drinking on or selling it because those people are just drinking it because they are not financially stable.

Speaking in a meeting at Vihiga County, Raila attacked the police saying that he has recieved complains from the residents of the county, that the police are harrassing them for drinking changaa and arresting women who are preparing and selling it which is not right.

According to him, there's no problem with drinking changaa and those people should not be harrassed by the police because they financial status can only enable them to afford that changaa, and those women who are preparing it should not be arrested by police because that's their only source of income.

"Nimeskia police wanahangaisha vijana hapa eti oo wapi kitambulisho, na unakunywa changaa. Kuna shida gani kukunywa changaa? Watu wanakunywa changaa kwa sababu hawana uwezo was kununua zile zingine. Na wale wamama ambao wanatengeneza hawafai kushikwa kwa sababu hio ndio njia wanapata pesa. Hio kama serikali tutabadilisha, tutakua tunachukua hio changaa tunasafisha na hao wamama wanaendelea na kazi yao." Loosely translating to;

"I have heard that the police are harrassing youths here, asking them about national ID and telling them that there are changaa drunkereds. What's the problems with drinking changaa? People are drinking changaa because they can't afford those expensive ones and those women who are selling changaa should not be arrested because that is their only source of income. When we take over power, we will be just purifying that brew and allow those women to continue with their businesses." He said.

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