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Beware Of Sim-Swap Fraud:Many People Are Losing Money.

The world has advanced technologically.likewise, fraudsters have invented new hacking ways with the sole aim of stealing your money.One of the newest ways fraudsters have devised is the Sim-Swap Fraud.

The Communications Authority Of Kenya is calling upon Kenyans to beware of this online scam.

This is a very high-tech method.Kindly,read this article very carefully.

What is Sim-Swapping? This is basically stealing of your Sim-card number.How does it happen? It happens when a fraudster asks your mobile phone provider to send your Sim-Card number to him.

There is a microchip inside your mobile phone .This enables your mobile phone provider to know your Sim-Card number.

Below is a full process of Sim-Swapping scam;

A fraudster gathers information about you from social media,e.g,name and birth date.

The fraudster then calls your mobile phone provider by impersonating you.

The fraudster tricks your mobile phone provider into switching your Sim-Card number to Sim-Card on his phone.

After this,the fraudster receives calls and texts meant for you.This includes access to your account codes.

The fraudster then goes ahead to withdraw money from your mobile phone account.He might even take a loan with your Sim-Card.

Below is how you can control Swim-Swap;

You should avoid giving your personal information to online platforms.This includes your email address, birth date and phone number.Fraudsters will use such information to impersonate you and trick your mobile phone provider.

Good privacy settings.Use passwords that are impossible to guess.In your password,include letters and digits.

Kindly,take care.This is a new online scam that has been discovered by the Communications Authority of Kenya.Many Kenyans are losing money without knowing the reason behind it.When your Sim-Card has been hacked, even your mobile network provider can't be able to help you.

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