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Why A Grave Is Dug 6 Feet Underground

In most cases graves are dug six feet underground. This practice started in London a long time ago .Most people assume that all graves are dug six feet underground but this is not always the case in. Here are some of the reasons why you find most graves are dug six feet underground.

The first reason is a safety issue. According to different researches the safe depth to dig is around six foot taking into consideration the different types of soil.Secondly, in order to avoid the bodies of the dead from being dug up by animals it is safe to dig six feet. It is deep enough to deter animals from digging up. Thirdly, it is also done in order to prevent farmers from digging up the bodies as they cultivate their farms. The fourth reason is to prevent theft. At the time when this rule of six feet was made there was a lot of theft of the corpses by people who sold them to the medical students who used them to study. Lastly and the main reason this rule was instituted

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