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Kenyan Man Who Turned Into a Beautiful Lady After Changing his Gender [PHOTOS]

Audrey Mbugua was born Andrew Mbugua in Ndumberi, Kiambu County. She had a normal and exciting childhood in a family of five two brothers and two sisters.

Her father worked with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as a technician and her mother was a nurse.

When you first meet Audrey, everything about her is feminine. The way she walks or laughs. Even her mannerism and her gestures speak of a polished woman.

From her high-pitched voice and other physical changes to using feminine cosmetics, she now fully passes for a woman, save for the legal barriers that have curtailed her bid to undergo surgery to change her organs.

Although she had male organs and indeed socialised as a boy, she says that as she grew up she felt deep inside that she was a woman trapped in the body of a man.

Despite falling out with parents, relatives and former university colleagues who considered him bewitched or mad, Audrey's dream is to ensure all people have equal rights regardless of their gender affiliation.

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Audrey Audrey Mbugua Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Kiambu County Ndumberi


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