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Man Arrested After Tricking 35 Single Women Older Than Him That he is Deeply in Love With Them

Takashi Miyagawa, a managed 39 years in Japan is currently behind bars after seeing 35 different ladies at almost the same time, and on top of that, he received gifts from all the people who came to see him.

The man who is popularly known as a serial dater works at Fixed Abode Company as a part-time worker. It is said that he allegedly tricked each woman he was involved in a love relationship with about his birthday being on a Women That he is Deeply in Love With different date. The 39-year-old was put behind bars for knowingly tricking the 35 different women to seriously think that he is deeply in love with them.

After his arrest, it was discovered that his real birthday is on 13th November and not the dates he earlier mentioned to his 'lovers'. In one case, the man had tricked a 47-year-old woman that his birthday was on 22nd February, while in another case, he tricked a woman aged 40 that his birthday was in July, surprisingly all these women fell for him at the same time and gave him presents on his birthday as a way of pleasing him.

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