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Roy C.Sulvan, A Man Who Was Struck By Lightning Seven Times But Survived

Mysterious things do happen in this short life that human beings live.Human beings were created in such way that we can endure some things in life when they come our way.We have the ability to overcome pain or rather persevere difficult things we go through.


However, one thing that is natural is death and death comes when it is least expected.Death is beyond our powers,God is the only one who knows when and how to die.Some people experience ordeals which nobody is supposed to overcome like there are zero chances of survival but incredibly some people beat death.

In this case am going to tell you about one man who once lived on earth and went down in the books of history because of what happened to him.

Roy C.Sulvan was a United States park ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.He was born on 7th February,1912.Sullivan was struck by lightning on seven occasions between the year 1942 and 1977 and surprisingly he survived all of them.He was later nicknamed"Human Lighting Conductor"for unusual ordeal that he survived.

However,Sulvan sadly passed away in 28th September 1983 through a gunshot wound.He remains the only human being to have survived lightning and that is like a record for him.

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Roy C.Sulvan Sulvan United States


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