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" He Wore Black Clothes, Only Eyes Could Be Seen, " How Killer Masten Was Dressed To Hide Identity

Identifying Masten Wanjala appears to have been done by people who had a hint of who he was because of how he had dressed. It has been revealed that Masten Wanjala had dressed in a certain way to ensure his identity was hidden. However, this raised suspicion as it made the first person to focus after sensing something suspicious.

It was during this process that he suspected it was Masten Wanjala. According to his words, he revealed that Masten Wanjala was wearing black open shoes, black sweat pants and black hood that covered his face. This shows he was a real gangster who dressed in dark clothes to conceal his real identity.

However, the resident was keen and saved the entire village after suspecting the man was very familiar. The residents who comprised of many young people started running after him before he resolved to hide in a certain hole where he was found squatting in a bathroom. He was removed from the hideout with whips shortly before he died.

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Black Clothes Killer Masten Masten Wanjala


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