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Is Karma Catching Up With The Police At Last?

Elkhart Tolle once said that life will give you whatever the experience which is helpful for the evolution of your own consciousness. How do you know this is yhe the experience you need? Because this is what you experience at the moment. Since time immemorial, there have been news in the magazines, TV stations, and radios in Kenya about police killing innocent people.

They could be used by rogue politicians, influential individuals, and sometimes they did it for their own interests. The truth is that the acts were committed by the police. There were times when nobody was allowed to put a nose into the matter. Tomorrow was not guaranteed as it would involve ones life. Thanks to the invention of the Independent police oversight authority which deals with cases involving the police. In this life nothing goes unrewarded. Every action we take has an equal opposite effect. This rules out the existence of coincidence. Something happens because of past events leading to the current.

Recently, there have been cases of police killing their colleagues, families, and people they do not know. This has led to call for experts such as psychologists, and mental health professionals to try and curb the problem which is already out of hand. Female officers who are discriminated upon in the force have taken the war ro social media. This has only served to entertain Kenyans who take nothing seriously.

Everone has an opinion but it looks like the police service needs prayers. How come there are over forty million Kenyans who are stressed, poor, hopeless, and bleak future but rarely will you hear cases of killing due to mental issues. If only the police act according to the vow they took, the will be no need for mental doctors. When we remember how far this country has come, it saddens to hear that someone can kill innocent souls because of a relationship gone awry.

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