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Details of how a Notorious Nairobi Criminal was Arrested by Private Spy Detective Mugo Emerges

Source: Google

Jane Mugo, a private investigator, assisted police in tracking down and apprehending a prominent Nairobi criminal. On Monday, October 25, the investigator uploaded a video of herself questioning the suspect in an undisclosed farmyard. Mugo revealed that she knew the accused, who earlier took her identity and exploited it to defraud unsuspecting Kenyans online. She, on the other hand, chose to rehabilitate the kid rather than seek charges. The chronic criminal, on the other hand, refused to comply. Mugo posted on her social media platforms that in 2020, this man exploited my images to steal money from Kenyans online. I apprehended him and provided him a job so he might reform.

He stole again and continued to steal money from additional individuals. Mugo tracked him out and confronted the suspect who had tried to accuse the brother. She accused him of lying and enlisting his sibling in the identity theft scheme. I noticed you with the phone. Why were you attempting to get your brother arrested? Mugo was perplexed.

Source: Google

The self-taught spy went on to say that she had turned him over to the police and would file charges against him. Mugo asked if you have a serial liar or a petty thief in your family, business, or neighborhood? Or maybe your partner? Some individuals are unchangeable. Being trusted is preferable to being loved.

Source: Google

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