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Road Accident

Passengers Alight From A Bus In Kahawa West Claiming It is Dirty

Kenyans who use the public vehicles commonly known as Matatu are usually full of drama and this round drama was seen in Kahawa West when all the passengers alighted from a Bus in Kahawa West, Nairobi.

According to the WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot, shared by Sikika Road Safety, passengers who had boarded an unknown Bus had alighted from it claiming it was too dirty for them to travel with.

The incident has resulted to mixed reaction about Kenyans as some make jokes about the incident. One guy Collins claimed the vehicle was once an exhauster before being converted to a bus again " Hiyo ni exhauster, ili convertiwa ikakuwa matatu na msinipee last warning"

Mswati Mswati added a comment also saying that Nairobi vehicles is a bed of bed bugs and fighting bed bugs is worse than the Iraq war " Kupigana na kunguni sio jokes ni kama kupigana na Iraq so heri washuke"

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