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What Will Happen To Your M-PESA Money When You Die

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the money in your M-Pesa wallet when you die? Well, I know the thought of dying have not crossed many people'd mind but it is a reality and our eventual destiny. (If you are one of those people, then just forgive me and concentrate on the article).

When Safaricom learns of a subscriber's death, the first step they take is to freeze the person's Mpesa account. Then, they wait for the next of kin of the deceased person to come and claim the money in the Mpesa account.

But the process is NOT as simple as calling Safaricom's Customer Care and claiming that the deceased was your brother and they should transfer money into your Mpesa account.

From the data published on Safaricom's website, the next of kin should visit a Safaricom shop with ALL of the following documents:

1. The Claimant's ID

This is simply the National Identify Card of the person who is going to claim the estate.

2. The Deceased Death Certificate

The Death Certificate of the deceased subscriber is used by Safaricom to establish that a subscriber has really died.

3. Affidavit (Statutory Declaration)

It is a document witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths or a Certified Lawyer stating certain facts, including the Claimant's relationship to the deceased.

4. Letter From PC or DC or CHIEF

Letter from a Chief or any administrator shows the details of the deceased and list of his beneficiaries.

5. Confirmation of Grant letters of Administration (interstate)

This is a legal document obtained from a court of law confirming that a person has the capacity to act as a legal representative to the estate of the deceased. This is used when the deceased did not leave a will.

6. Confirmation of Grant of Probate

This is a document issued by a court which shows the entitlement of beneficiaries to portions of the estates.

After Safaricom has checked the above documents and confirmed that they are in order, the money in the deceased account will then be transfered to the Claimant's account.

It is also a requirement that the Claimant must have a registered M-PESA account. This is because Safaricom does not pay money through any other account such as Banks.

Thanks for reading!

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