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"Haki Mnisaidie" Woman Cries After The Unexpected Happens At Her Work Place Leaving Her Depressed

A woman has come out to cry after what she didn't expect happened at her work place. In a sorrowful note she wrote to one Wahome Thuku, she explained what brought her sorrows.

She says that her problems started when while at her work place, her house manager (maid) texted her that they were out of gas.

She quickly responded telling her she should call gas supplier and tell him to fix it before leaving. The house did as she was told.

The gas supplier came with the gas but as he was fixing, he messed with the pipe. But he left without noticing, Maurine was texted by her house help that their gas was leaking.

She asked the house help not open the burner but avoid litting fire. While at work, she kept wondering how they would cook supper with the gas leaking because she had a little baby. She also had no money to buy another one.

In the evening, she decided to risk. She cooked enough food including what the maid and the baby would eat the next day during lunch.

While at work, she decided to remove work place's burner at the kitchen with the intentions of returning it the next day. She did this wrong decision because she didn't want her young son to sleep hungry.

She took the burner home, unfortunately, her son fell it the next day. She therefore didn't report to work. Her work mates wanted to prepare breakfast but noticed the burner was missing.

Her bosses checked the CCTV and it was discovered she took it. Maurine initially knew the camera would capture her but since she was also in charge of it, she said it didn't matter as she would return it.

She was summoned to work. Her apologies fell to deaf ears as she was terminated from work.

More problems piled for her as she has to feed a sick son and pay rent. She won't tell her parents her predicaments since they're sick and this might put them down.

Maurine says she has been crying day and night. Her situation of joblessness and inability to pay rent or buy food has caused her mental breakdown. She has also been hospitalized as a result of stress and appealed for anyone to help her.

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