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DCI reveal How Man killed in Mirema Used Women To Swindle Money From Unsuspecting Men

Shocking information have emerged about how dead criminal Samuel Mugoh Muvota recruited over 50 gorgeous women to steal from revelers at prominent entertainment venues in major cities. Kenya/status/1527352391426723845?s=20&t=SMsnKVFhtMGKB7mnAJsaSQ

The extent to which the women went in administering a medicine supplied to mentally unstable patients at Mathare mental hospital was found by DCI's Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Unit.

Beautiful women attended Switch in Kasarani, Whisky River on Kiambu Road, Red Lion in Ruaka, Oklahoma Choma Zone, Aroma, Backroom, Mkwanju, Dragon, and all the clubs along Kamiti Road between Roysambu and Zimmerman, where they preyed on hapless males.

Ladies would offer an energy drink to a man who was very careful with his drink, alleging that he was too drunk and incapable of completing the task at hand.Soft smooches would follow, and the man would be stupefied in minutes. If that didn't work, they'd escort a man (if he was single) to his residence and make coffee or scrambled eggs for him.

Muvota would redeploy them to a different town for cover to continue with the syndicate after a good harvest.

The women would then steal and hand over the phones and ATM cards. Muvota would then arrange for the women to live in two different estates, one in Gatunda along Kamiti corner and the other in Kahawa Wendani, where he would pay them visits to collect stolen phones, which he would use to call customer service stating he had forgotten the pin.

Muvota had been charged multiple times in Kiambu, Makadara, Milimani, Thika, and other law courts, but he always managed to get out, frequently by approaching the complainants and returning their money. After that, the complainants would vanish.

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