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Road Accident

"Who should be blamed for this mess? See What Happened That Led To Tragic Accident At Kibera

It is so sad that some accidents can be avoided but our road users usually fails to prevent them.Today along Kibera road,there was tragic accident that was experienced.This was due to selfishness of not leaving a way for the other vehicles.

The accidents has now led to huge damage to the people who were in the vehicle.Many people who were injured were rushed to a nearby hospital .The drivers should be so keen and careful on the road to reduce certain deaths that may arise.

The drivers should understand what to do at a particular time in order to minimize certain fatal scenarios.The traffic officers should ensure they properly control the traffic by ensuring that there is no traffic jam along different highways.

In the last year's report on road accidents, it was confirmed that the number of accidents that was experienced were so high It is so alarming in the sense that since the year began more accidents have been seen.

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