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Woman on The Spot For Allegedly Leaving Her 7-Year-Old Baby In The Night Cold And Goes to Party

A woman has raised alot of public concerns after abandoning her 7-year-old doughter in the cold at night and went to club to party with friends.

According to a neighbor who spotted the child in the cold, he got worried noticing the minor battling the night cold without a sweater.

He said the mother who is a single parent is fond of leaving her doughter at night and causes chaos whenever she is asked why she always abandons the child.

Photo: 7-year-old Baby left in the Night Cold

“It’s 11 pm and quite cold. There is a poor little young girl barely 7 years old left outside their house by the mother who has gone out to have fun. The neighbours can’t help because if you do, it creates chaos from the mum.This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be last,” the neighbor said.

Residents in the area has urged concerned authorities to take action in regards to the issue saying the woman is endangering the minor's life.

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