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Thîs How Hammer I Took Along Road Side Costed Me On My Life Now I Regret- John

John from Naivasha described how he later regretted taking a hammer he found by the road and keeping it at his home because he was charged with theft with violence and sentenced to three years in prison.

He claims that on this fateful day, while working at a building site, he saw a hammer by the side of the road, picked it up, and carried it home.

He kept it at his house and would give it to anyone who asked for it. After a few days, he considered wearing it to work because it was of excellent quality.On his way to work, a man confronted him and claimed ownership of the hammer.

John told him that he had discovered it a few days prior while travelling home, and since no one had inquired about it, he had considered taking it to work. This man picked it up and informed him that he had recently been attacked at his home by thugs who had beaten him and stolen from him. He then went to the police station with it as proof and filed a complaint.

He was detained the following day at his house and taken to prison, where he was tried for robbery with violence after two days. His wife and three children used to visit him in jail, but after two years, she decided to leave because she was exhausted.

When John returned home, he discovered his wife had carried everything, and he still doesn't know where she is, according to John, who claims to have spent three years there before being released for lack of sufficient proof.He has urged people not to take up anything from the side of the road because doing so could ruin their lives.

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